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We Make Investing in Real Estate Simple.

Let’s face it, investing in real estate can be complicated. At HoneyTree Grow, we teach you how to make real estate investing simple. Our team consists of independently successful real estate investors who have been focused on building commercial real estate portfolios for over 15 years.
Real Estate Investing simple

Grow Long Term Wealth

Our goal is to help people be prepared for the future by teaching them how to invest in stress-free real estate with high returns over time. We coach you through your investments so that you can enjoy the benefits of owning real estate while you live your life.

We Service the Modern Canadian

More and more Canadians are self-employed and own their own homes. This trend in moving away from salaried employment has given many independent freedoms and more flexibility. However, many self-employed Canadians do not have a retirement plan, which is why HoneyTree Grow was founded.

In 2016, HoneyTree Grow was founded to protect the Self-employed Canadians future.

Generate Extra Income

Learn how to Invest your home equity, RRSP’s or Savings into real estate to create extra income. Our team will help you utilize the assets you already have to invest in real estate. Become wealthier by leveraging your home equity, RRSP, and savings.

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Our first step is to do a One-on-one discussion with a member of our team. We’ll discuss your current investment strategies and the goals you are trying to achieve.

Once we have established your goals, we will identify creative opportunities to achieve them. Whether it’s paying your home off sooner, minimizing your monthly overhead, or just becoming wealthier.


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We teach qualified individuals to invest in real estate opportunities as they arise to maximize their returns and further grow their wealth.

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Real Estate Investing

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