Why Commercial Real Estate is More Lucrative than Residential

Not only is investing in commercial real estate a more lucrative option, but it’s also quite an easy one. It is recommended for its market stability and ability to create positive cash flow. Commercial properties typically have longer and more instructive leases that allow landlords to come out of any litigations generally unscathed. 

Reliant on contracts to communicate, commercial real estate tends to solve difficult problems and tense situations, often created by tenant disagreements, by setting out clear terms that define each party’s responsibilities and rights. In fact, commercial real estate disputes rarely require litigation since the contracts are so well-structured. 

Smart investing in commercial real estate requires planning ahead. If you’re considering investing in a property with chronic vacancy, for example, you should ensure that you have a viable tenant lined up before you put an offer in. With the right and reliable stream of income, you and your tenants can contribute to one another’s success and have managed to create a long-term plan for profitability. 

Another bonus? Commercial real estate tenants are typically responsible for property upkeep, adding incentive to succeed and further lightening the load of a commercial landlord. 

At HoneyTree Grow, we make it simple by doing all of the work for you. Our team consists of independently successful real estate investors who have been focused on building commercial real estate portfolios for over five years. Contact us to learn more!

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